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The Sunsets

'It never gets old' is commonly heard around the property as it relates to the views and particularly the sunsets.  As Mahina Surf sits on the edge of West Maui, you have a front row seat to a spectacular sunset virtually every night.  We make it a priority to be on the lanai or down by the pool/BBQ area each evening to take part in the event.


Each sunset is different and magical in its own way.  Depending upon the time of year, you'll see the sun set over Lanai when it is at its most southern location in late Fall and close to the edge of Molokai when it is at its most northern point in early Summer.   Depending on weather, an array of colors from yellow/orange/red to pink/purple and beyond will dazzle you.  Cloudy sunset?  Never fear!  Here's a little secret... the BEST sunsets are those with some cloud cover.   After the sun slips behind the horizon, wait, wait, wait for it!!  9 times out of 10, the afterglow out does the sunset by a long shot! 

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